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Reggae Fever New Releases June 2014

Top Smile Records - Blue Bells - Kenneth Wilson - Lloyd Deslandes Part 1
(2x new 7" and 10x 7" re-releases)

Top Smile Records proudly presents the first series of 2 x 7 inch from the ‘new in town’ digital reggae production team called High Smile Hifi outta Switzerland. After two years of hard work in the studio, the crew is more than happy to come up with their very first double vinyl release ever. For these two brand new vinyl exclusive releases, High Smile Hifi has teamed up with upcoming Frech singer S’Kaya and UK based veteran deejay Speng Bond.

My Story’ kicks off with a catchy bassline in a classic MT-40 rockers style and S’Kaya sings about his affection for his honey. The versatile singer rides the riddim in a classic lovers fashion, resulting in one of his sweetest tunes he ever voiced so far.

High Smile HiFi ft S'Kaya  
My Story
High Smile HiFi - Version

Dilly Dally’ captures Speng Bond’s veteran DJ style on a vintage sounding production aiming to sound just like back in the 80′s. The heavy bass production is destined to mash up the dance and so is the version on the flipside.

High Smile Hifi ft Speng Bond 
Dilly Dally
High Smile Hifi - Version

For Sound samples klick the images and buy from Reggae Fever.

Blue Bells - Jah Know
Blue Bells - Jah More Dub

Blue Bells - Call Me Teacher
Blue Bells - Part Two Dub


C. Byrd & Blue Bells - All Dem Gal
C. Byrd & Blue Bells - I Belive

Ernest Wilson & Freddie McGregor 
What You Gonna Do About It
Rupie Martin & Hippy Boys  
Death In The Arena


Clarendonians - Betrayal
Michael Martin & Hippy Boys  
Guess Who's Coming For Dinner


Prince George - 
Babylon Kingdom Fall
Stud Allstars - Dub In Babylon

Clarendonians - Darling Forever
Peter Austin - Marie My Love

Sir Harry - Live Forever
Stud Allstars - Dub Forever


Hippy Boys
Bangalang Shangalang
Barry Bailey - I Am Lonely

Lloyd Deslandes - Unity
Lloyd Deslandes - Unity Dub

By buying these records you make it possible for the above mentioned producers and musicians to earn at least something for their quality work for the first time in their life. 

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