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Reggae Fever New Re-Releases Mai 2015


Blue Bells - Freedom Fighter
Blue Bells - Freedom Dub

With Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare on Drum & Bass, Ansel Collins on the organ, Bingie Bunny on Guitar and Sticky Thompson at the percussion.

Blue Bells - Live As One
Blue Bells - One Version
Out of the same session like >Freedom Fighter<, same personnel.


Peter Austin - Your Cheating Heart
Stud All Stars - Cheating Version

Peter Austin: "Your Cheating Heart" is a song I used to sing for one of my uncle when i was a little tot, listening to the good old gramophone (78rpm) and hearing this song sung by the great Nat King Cole. So this song was recorded for Byron Lyons a true friend of mine.


Clarendonians - Lion Head
Clarendonians - Lion Head Version

Recorded with Bobby Ellis Band at Channel One Studio. Peter Austin: "With regards to 'Lion Head', I had taken a break from music, because of the treatment i was or was not getting. 

I was now an aviation worker when one day i met Leroy Smith, a friend from way back and he asked me to record with him this song he wrote and it came out pretty good."


Ernest Wilson & Freddie McGregor
Take A Message To Mary
Michael Martin & Hippy Boys
Spy 13

12 or 13 year old Freddie McGregor ! Recorded 1968 at Dynamic Sounds Recording Studio. Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.


Clarendonians How Sweet It Is
Michael Martin & Hippy BoysDrum Beat Special

The Clarendonians aka Leonard Wilson (Lead Singer) and Ernest Wilson (Backing Vocals). Musicians: The Hippy Boys Band. Recorded 1968 at the Jamaica Recording and Publishing Studio (Studio 1). Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Produced by Kenneth Wilson and Evelyn Carty.


Clarendonians Early
In The Morning
Sir Harry
Musical Broom

Peter Austin recalls: "It was early in the morning, when Ernest Wilson and myself met at Randy's Recording Studio, along with his brother Kenneth Wilson. The Hippy Boys Band was actually the studio band and they were there and out of nowhere came the inspiration and i wrote this song 'Early in the morning'. Its one of my favorite songs." 

Recorded 1971 at Randy's Recording Studio 17, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. 
Produced by Kenneth Wilson. Musicians: The Hippy Boys Band. 
Kenneth Wilson Remembers: "Some years ago, Sir Harry came to me and said, listen Drum-Beat, I would like you and I to produce a tune. But him didn't have any rhythm track. So I took him to Randy's Recording Studio and used my rhythm track "Early In The Morning" and record "Musical Broom" with him."


Sir Harry - Apples To Apples
Sir Harry - Ambitious Man

Kenneth "Drum-Beat" Wilson recalls: "Apples to Apples' by Sir Harry and The Clarendonians was released by Trojan Records without my permission.

It went to No. 1 on the UK charts in 1971/72"


Peter Austin
Lonely Nights 
Peter Austin
Lonely Nights Version

Peter Austin remembers: 
"This one was produced by a friend of mine from youth days name Jackson Jones. 
He is a musician, Guitarist and a member of the Hippy Boys Band. 
He played on most of my recordings in the 60's and 70's and also sings with Mr. Lonely. 
'Lonely Nights' in my opinion is one of my better songs, because at the moment i was having domestic problems with my sweetheart Hortense Lewis, my girlfriend of about four years so there is a lot of feelings in this song."   
Vocal Is Mono, Version Is Split Stereo


Tony King & Ranny Williams
Hog In A Me Minty
Ranny Williams & Hippy Boys
The Clean Hog

A song about raw sex between man and woman, recorded at Dynamics Studio. 

This song shows Ranny 'Bop' Williams songwriting skills.... 
With Carly Barrett, Familyman, Theo Beckford...


Winston Shan & Hippy Boys
Throw Me Corn
Ranny Williams & Hippy Boys
Savage Colt

Produced by Ranny 'Bop' Williams, with Jackson Jones, Theo Beckford, 
Carly Barrett and Familyman, recorded at Randy's Studio. 
Glen Adams plays organ on "Savage Colt"
Around 1968/69 Ranny Williams was one of Duke Reid's main musical arrangers.  
Duke Reid took exception to the fact that Ranny was dividing his time by arranging music for other producers, and at other studios.  With that, Ranny Bop decided not to give "Throw Me Corn" to Duke Reid but brought it to Harry Robinson instead to distribute on his Carib Dis-Co label. How the song ended on Pama's Bullet Label, is a different story...   Given the meaning of the expression, "throw me corn," it seems fitting that Ranny Bop decided not to "pick it up already," and stayed faithful to his broader career potential in the music industry.

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